Friday, June 5, 2009

Anxiety or a sign of whats to come?

I'm still nauseous today. And I don't think its anxiety anymore.

I'm always reading the message boards on JM and the women on there are always talking about "(#)DPO" which is the number of days past ovulation. Now I'm about to share TMI so stop now or read on if you dare...I think I o'd on the 2/3 of this month for a couple of days because of this. Told you it was TMI! Anyways, this did not happen last month so maybe I didn't ovulate? I don't know, I think that is possible, I think I heard that you can skip a month. I might need to consult the message boards on that one.

Anyways, so that would make me around 2-3DPO. When some women (rarely) notice the start of pregnancy symptoms. Now I was about to mark it up as more anxiety but then I thought, I don't really have anything to be anxious about today. It doesn't really feel like anxiety, I just feel blah. (I don't think I'm sick either because I'm fine otherwise)

We just went to the Chinese buffet for lunch. I haven't been eating that much lately (I'll be hungry but as soon as I start eating I'm like yuck, food) but I figured I'd give it a try. I felt like Chinese and I love the buffet.

We get there and I'm fine and then I start eating and yup, you guessed it, I'm not really hungry anymore. I got only about halfway through my plate. Not to mention after I started eating I'd think about eating the next thing on my plate and I'd think, oh no, I'm going to barf. I did not get sick and I was fine after a few bites of said food but still, not fun. Then we go to get ice cream and I'm thinking before I even start eating it, I'm going to puke if I eat this! I just felt so nauseous. I had a few bites and ate about half. Couldn't eat my fortune cookie either because it just tasted bad (DH said it did not).

I don't know. I'm probably just reading in to things like I always do. I think this every month we try and every month I'm disappointed when AF shows. Only time will tell I suppose!


  1. It would be nice but its probably just me reading in to things again!